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ISK Technologies has emerged as the top social media marketing company that helps people who are passionate about business to achieve their dreams. We provide social media marketing services to various companies around the world. Depending on the budget of clients, we have multiple packages.

Social Media Mantra for
Extensive Business Growth


Social media marketing is gaining popularity consistently after people understanding the worth of it. However, there are very fewer people who know the social media secrets (we call it mantras) around the world and we have such experts with us!

Just like we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a common man, we must not underestimate the start-ups and small businesses which have an enormous power to transform into a beast. Understanding this, at ISK Technologies, we provide social media marketing services for small businesses along with medium and large scale companies.

This is how ISK Technologies has become the best social media marketing service provider in India. Quality is our priority and customer satisfaction is our goal!

Social Media Marketing Packages

Affordable social media marketing services packages for our zealous clients

  • SMO Packages
  • Startup
  • Growth
  • Premium
  • High Volume
  • Keywords Plan
  • Upto 15
  • Upto 25
  • Upto 40
  • Upto 70
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*
  • 20%
  • 25%
  • 30%
  • 35%
  • Price Range
  • $225/Mo

  • $335/Mo

  • $599/Mo

  • $1125/Mo

SMM – It is all About People!

Social Media Marketing is not about a business, it is about the people. Provide what they want and they will provide what you want! Read their mind and understand their heart. This is how success comes to us and this is our mantra to attract more number of users (who turns into customers) to our clients’ website.

Social Media Marketing

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Build Your Empire with Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a way of communication between people, but now it has become a way to establish and enhance your brand image and business. From sharing thoughts and having fun, people have started using social media to earn their income.

From a small entrepreneur to a big businessman, there would be no person who doesn’t use social media for their business. Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube has become the second home for business persons. Although free social media marketing helps people to some extent, it is nowhere in comparison to the paid marketing.

Moreover, business owners do not know all the techniques to attract people over social media. This is why they need social media marketing services. Social media experts will have skills and experience to make people see your service or product and buy it. However, the quality of the service or the product is your responsibility.

There are nearly 4 billion social media users and if you have to make best use of this number, you must have to choose the best social media marketing company that knows how to grow your business exponentially using social media tricks and techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Why Choose ISK Technologies for Social media marketing Services?

ISK Technologies has been the leader in the digital marketing for years. It offers SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, and other marketing strategies that increase your sales. Our SMM experts use planned campaigns with targets that improve your sales, thus business.

Not only for sales, people are depending on social media marketing services for branding which will also be provided by ISK Technologies. If one wants to become popular and create a brand for themselves or for their service or product, social media marketing is the best way.

ISK Technologies advertise the brands in latest methods using innovative ideas which create a brand image in a very short period. Besides these benefits, there are many other advantages of using our social media marketing services that include better rankings on SERP, improved online presence, and maximum ROI.

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Our Popular Clients

With ISK Technologies, my online business has improved a lot. Being a startup, we were not able to spend much on our project. The SMM expert of ISK explained us the ideal package and we were surprised knowing that the price of Social media marketing as it is quite affordable and they haven’t compromised anywhere in terms of quality. We love to continue with them for the betterment of our business.

You put a lot of time and effort, do market research, but still somewhere it goes wrong and results in failure. This happens to many businesses and the reason is that they don’t have experience in it and this is why you need a social media marketing expert that helps you in all possible ways.
They help you get a brand image and allow people to understand and trust your business over time. The process is slow and steady and improves your business and shows unexpected positive results, taking considerable amount of time. ISK Technologies is one of the well-known SMM companies that show amazing results for its clients.

Social media brand management is all about implementing the right strategies that attract the prospects to create and grow the brand. Brand value has a powerful place in both digital and real world and so establishing a brand has become one of the goals for current businessmen.
By creating and maintaining the brand value, you are increasing your sales which results in business growth. Our SMM experts’ help you brand grow among many top brands which are already established in the market.

Organic social media promotions has been losing its value due to the increased number of online businesses and their free promotions and so businessman are showing interest towards paid social media promotions (which is also called as social media advertising) to get quick and effective results.
Paid social media advertising boosts your business instantly as your ads reach relevant and wider audience. By tracking and analysing through tools, you can also target the re-visitors or interested customers and make the ad appear to them repeatedly which enhances the chance of a sale.

SMM Process of ISK Technologies



Our SMM experts analyse your business thoroughly and find out the drawbacks of it that are stopping you from achieving success. Also, they understand how your business can be improved and tell you the expected time that takes to show considerable results. They will also do the competitor analysis to know the secrets of their success and implements those techniques on your business.


Building your Brand

Our digital marketing experts have some unique strategies to attract customers that help you build a brand for your product or service. Maintaining a proper relation with a customer is a key to build your brand and our experts know how to do it. Our experts tells people the stories your product or a service that touches the people emotionally which paves the path for the establishment of your brand.


Social Media Advertising

We advertise your product or a service every day with unique and interesting content and place the ad at the right place. We have unique promotion strategies that attract people easily and we run social media campaigns that convert leads into customers.


Weekly Reports

We will send weekly reports to our clients to make them understand that our hard work is coming to fruition!

ISK Expertise on Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Facebook

    Facebook is the social media platform that has the highest number of users. So, it is needless to say that it has the capability to improve your business in a short period. Our SMM experts promote your business on social media by creating and running ad campaigns. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, don’t worry, we will create it for you and make it popular. It is our responsibility from the start to the end.

  • Twitter

    Twitter has also become popular in recent times. People login to the Twitter than any other social media platform to know the celebrity updates. If you promote your brand on Twitter, it will surely reach a lot of audience.

  • Instagram

    There’s no youth that doesn’t have an Instagram account today. It has dominated Facebook and gaining attention of everyone. Promoting your product or the service on Instagram helps you increase your sales. Our digital marketing experts know how to reach huge audience on Instagram.

  • LinkedIn

    This jobs platform will also help you improve your brand image and get some good deals. A lot of well-educate people are on LinkedIn and you can make great deals with them by creating a wonderful profile and pitching out.

3 Reasons to Choose ISK Services

Not just for SMM services, we assure you can choose any of our service and we will give you the best possible results, but nothing else!

Dedicated Team

Not just a single employee, the whole digital marketing team works hard for your project and helps you increase your ROI.

Quality Work

Quality is our priority. With no quality, we haven’t been here today with thousands of clients and great annual income.

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and so we provide a great customer support that helps you anytime.


Who doesn’t want to improve their business? SMM is the first and best way to enhance sales and improve your online business.

Both are completely different and have their roles in increasing your website traffic and sales. While SEO focus more on bringing traffic, SMM focuses on bringing customers.

If you need a brand image, it will take 3 to 6 months at least, but to see considerable changes, you just have to wait for a month.

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