Amazon Elasticsearch Services

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service with built-in integrations with Kibana, Logstash and AWS Elasticsearch services including Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS Lambda and Amazon cloudwatch. So, the users can quickly and easily go from taking in data from any source and search, analyze and visualise it in real time. Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides easy management with zero downtime and direct access to the Elasticsearch APIs with the service.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is different from hosted Elastic Service on AWS in terms of features, flexibility, and support and deployment options.

Why Own Plugin?

Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides the following benefits.

Easy to operate

It is easy to deploy and operate a production-ready Elasticsearch cluster within minutes using Amazon Elasticsearch Service without worrying about hardware provisioning. Amazon Elasticsearch Service simplifies management tasks like monitoring, software patching, recovery and backups.


Amazon Elasticsearch Service enables you to easily scale the cluster up or down through a single API call or a few clicks in the AWS management console. You can easily and rapidly scale as per your business requirement.

Open-source APIs and tools

With Amazon Elasticsearch Service you do not have to learn new programming as it gives access to Elasticsearch open-source API. Amazon Elasticsearch Service supports an open source visualization tool- Kibana and an open source data ingestion, transformation and loading tool- Logstash.


Amazon Elasticsearch Service is highly available as it uses zone awareness which replicates data between two availability zones in the same region. The service automatically replaces failed nodes while monitoring the health of your cluster.


There is no upfront fee to be paid to use Amazon Elasticsearch Service. You can pay for what you use. With the built-in features, there is no need to scale, secure, and monitor your infrastructure which results in a cost-effective operation.


It is easy to manage authentication and access control using Amazon Elasticsearch Service. This service also provides multiple levels of security for your domain and keeps your domain up-to-date by routinely applying security patches.

Use Cases


Log Analytics

You can analyze unstructured and semi-structured logs generated for more applications such as digital marketing, application monitoring, ad tech, and a lot more into Amazon Elasticsearch Service using Logstash or Amazon cloudwatch logs. To gain insights about your users and applications, you can search, explore and visualize data using Kibana and Elasticsearch query DSL.


Real-Time Application Monitoring

You can capture activity logs across your customer-facing applications and websites with Amazon Elasticsearch Service by using Logstash. This service indexes the Elasticsearch data for analysis in less than a second. Kibana plugin is helpful in visualizing the data and perform operational analysis like identifying problems and outages. With geospatial analysis, it is easy to identify the geographical region where the problem is occurring.


Full Text Search

Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides a rich search and navigation experience. This service also supports faceting, which allows your customer to narrow their search results by price, product characteristics and brand etc. As Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides easy scaling feature, you can build elasticity into your search applications.


Clickstream Analytics

It is easy to enable authors and marketers to connect with their customers effectively by delivering real time metrics on digital content. You can load billions of small messages that are compressed and batched to Amazon Elasticsearch Service using Amazon kinesis firehose. Using this service, you can aggregate, filter and process the data and content performance dashboards in near real-time.

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