Big Data Application Development

Our specialized team of experienced professionals conducts a thorough research understanding the requirements of the clients availing Big Data Services and strategizes accordingly to develop the ultimate bug free, clean and user-friendly Big Data Applications for them. We administer the latest market raging technologies and adopt the modern methodologies to deliver the most sophisticated yet effective application. Our Big Data Consulting Services is sure to suffice your requirements.

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    Big Data Application

    Big data development takes shape through a series of trial and error before actually hitting the bull’s eye. It requires patience and faith along with skill, knowledge and experience.

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How You Can Be Benefitted From Us / What Do We Have In Store for You

Big data projects entail the whole hog of tasks and services that are required for data mining, predictive analysis of consumer behavior and buying patterns, inventory optimization etc. It is a project where structured and unstructured data need to be captured and analyzed. Along with all the developmental work, it also involves a lot of security layers.


Strategic consultancy

We at ISK TECHNOLOGIES rigorously research on client’s requirements and offer big data strategy consulting, development and deployment. We also furnish our clients with a well revised guiding report covering all the crucial aspects of the developed application bearing information on technology implemented, behavior and other security features.


Analyzing vulnerabilities

Being a company providing Big Data Analytics Solutions, we identify and provide ample precedence to the security vulnerabilities we implement effective runtime analysis that aids by detecting more threats and fix them at the earliest.


Implementing Security layers

We conduct heavy penetration testing to determine the unauthorized access to the applications and various other malicious activities to the key systems and files.


Data safety

We prioritize security vulnerabilities and prevent security breaches by scanning the source codes and detecting the key causes that might lead to security threats. Being a Big Data Solutions Company, we have to have a strong security solution to protect our client’s information.

Tools & Technologies We Abide By

At ISK TECHNOLOGIES, we implement modern technologies and best market practices in case of the methodologies which are much reliable and has the potential to develop the most unique applications devoid of any glitches. Our team of highly skilled developers are dedicated enough to provide you with the flexible and scalable architecture while the applications are still in the development phase offering provision for any sort of updation in future.

  • Apache Spark

    We use the latest technologies like apache spark owing to its reliability, scalability, real-time Data processing capability, stream Processing, and Interactive analysis capability.

  • Hadoop framework

    We use Hadoop framework in our Big Data Application Development services owing to its fault tolerance while handling large, discrete and incoherent data sets. Its batch processing capability, massive storage for both structured and unstructured data, huge processing power, unlimited concurrent tasks and simple data model is ideally suited for big data projects, especially in ecommerce endeavors.

  • Transferring to cloud

    Transferring all the structured and unstructured data to the cloud has the effect of securing the data and making Big Data services smoother and more affordable. It calls for a solution that can make the cloud accessible, irrespective of the data size. We deliver these solutions.

  • Tools for data visualization

    Offering tools for data visualization is part and parcel of our Big Data consulting services. You need to visualize the data in your cloud account in order to analyze it. In fact, data visualization begets new opportunities to identify use cases and workloads such as predictive analysis, streaming, machine learning etc.

  • Deployment

    Deploying big data solutions and frameworks without disturbing customer relations calls for expertise. We follow the best practices to deploy big data solutions. Our Big Data Application Development and deployment services work on the touchstone of efficiency, resilience, scalability and flexibility.We deploy Big data analytics Solutions following global best practices.

Powerful Big Data Tools for Intelligent Solutions

Big Data is associated with the rising complexity of the data with the introduction of modern and advanced capabilities and technologies. Our big data services integrate powerful Big Data Tools to attain smarter and actionable insights expanding the business value.

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How Big Data Platform Gets You to the Top

Big Data Platform enables you to have the fastest pace from the business data scratch to the well curated analytics. We, being the best Big Data Strategy Consulting Company, assist in providing right directions to the clients for the betterment of the organizations using analytics architecture meant to transform their way of decision making and thus aid in attaining better upshot.

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What Clients Say About us?

Probably the best experience I've had on people per hour yet. ISK Technologies is 100% a true professional in a sea of somehow highly rated amateurs. Whatever your project is, he can do it and he can do it exactly to spec. I'll be hiring him exclusively on here from now on.


John Petrik
President & CEO